Where can I print my images? 

Your images will be delivered in a gallery that offers professional quality prints to  purchase. I also recommend checking out mix.com for your printing needs. 

How long is my online gallery available?

Your online gallery is guaranteed to be available to access for a month for you to download or make purchases. 

Do the children for home sessions need to be siblings?

Not at all! There is a $20 fee to add a second family.

Is there a travel fee for in home sessions?

If you're over 10 miles outside of the 78130 zip code a small travel fee may apply. 

Do you photograph in color?

Not for my Cutie Patootie sessions. Black and white photos allow the true essence of your child to come through without the distraction of color, clothing and surroundings. Another cool thing is that it's perfect for adding to gallery walls to document the growth of your family. 

What to wear?

Please make sure your child is wearing simple, solid colors  or very simple prints (light skin = darker colors, dark skin = lighter colors). Stay away from texts or graphics please! If your little one has a special hat, favorite lovey, or furry friend I'm happy to capture them in a photo or two.

What is needed for an In Home session?

Not much! I'll bring everything I need and you just provide a clear space (about 10x10 ft) with some natural light and an outlet.